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No matter how small your business, it can always benefit from improvements. Capital Finance Company S.A.L (CFC) Micro Loan in LBP is targeted at small, local businesses including craftsmen and artisans, so that they can enhance their products and services or hire manpower.

Whether your business could be improved through the purchase of specific tools and machinery or you want to invest in trained employees to be a part of your team, Capital Finance Company S.A.L (CFC) Micro Loan is the boost you’re looking for.

how to apply?

you can choose one of the below options to apply for a loan.

required documents

1- Copy of ID or passport of both the applicant and the guarantor
2- Any utility bill or proof of residence from both the applicant and the guarantor
3- Proof of business practice of the applicant (e.g., registration certificate, rent contract, purchase orders, statement of account, etc.)
4- Proof of guarantor’s income

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